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Разблокировка кода на всех телефонах Samsung-ах
[ ] 17.02.2008, 00:24

Для разблокировки кода телефона во всех Samsung-ах, используется код, так называемого,
частичного сброса Еепром (Custom Eeprom Reset) - *2767*2878#.
Но этот код не снимает блокировку оператора и блокировку Sim-карты!

    Итак, для снятия защитного кода вам нужно сделать следующее:
  • Включите телефон без Sim-карты внутри
  • Введите код *2767*2878#
  • После ввода этого кода телефон выключится
  • Нажмите кнопку включения телефона
  • Телефон не включится, но начнет интенсивно мигать светодиодом
  • Дождитесь когда телефон прекратит мигать светодиодом и после этого включите снова.
  • Код телефона будет установлен по умолчанию "0000" (или "00000000").
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The Food and Drug Administration is also beginning to crack down on misleading labeling on food packages, saying some items labeled "healthy" are not, and the Senate last year mulled a tax on soda and other sweetened drinks to help pay for overhauling health care. http://www.boursereflex.com - abercrombie pas cher AS world leaders meet this week to review a United Nations bid to cut poverty and hunger by 2015, the Global Campaign for Education warned that the financial crisis had halted improvements in education for children in impoverished countries. http://www.nrsb.org - coach outlet store President Barack Obama was never in any danger because the Salahis went through the same security screening for weapons as the 300-plus people invited to the dinner honoring Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, Donovan said. http://www.intersecurite49.fr/nike-air-max-pas-cher/ - nike air max pas cher Some areas have been flattened and the tsunami had brought a lot of sand onshore, so there have been reports the sand has covered some of the bodies. So we need specialised machines to search for bodies that are burried under the sand. http://www.faiza.fr/menu.php?air-max-90/ - air max 90 The DPRK, claiming its recent shelling was for its self-defense, railed against the planned firing exercise and warned of "self- defensive blows".

Human trafficking is rife in Sudan as smugglers use locally manufactured boats and take advantage of lawless areas in the conflict-ridden country. http://www.ipacc.org.za - wholesale nfl jerseys By yesterday afternoon, the plane's body was mostly burned to ash, with only the wings and tail fins intact. US officials said both crew members were safe in American hands. One was picked up by a rebel force and the other by a Marine Corps Osprey search and rescue aircraft. http://www.nauticamania.it/lampade-tiffany/ - lampade tiffany Japanese Defense Minister Toshimi Kitazawa said today that Prime Minister Naoto Kan has instructed the defense ministry to increase the size of Self-Defense Forces for quake relief operations from 50,000 to 100,000 troops. http://www.faiza.fr/core.php?nike-air-max-pas-cher/ - nike air max pas cher Benedict also has come under pressure over a case dating back to his time as archbishop of Munich three decades ago. The non-resident population in the financial and shipping hub, from Swiss bankers to Filipino maids, climbed nearly 5 percent in 2009, following on from two years of even stronger growth when booming Asian markets attracted workers.


756 jackzaocwjipteyro   (19.11.2014 11:30)
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Ban has said an agreement to lay the foundation for such a legally binding accord is now "within reach." http://www.ipacc.org.za - wholesale nfl jerseys A man wearing a light-colored jacket stands inside a rope barrier, and the guard approaches the man, apparently telling him to move behind the rope. http://www.nauticamania.it/anello-tiffany/ - anello tiffany TERRORISM and cyber attacks are expected to take precedence over nuclear proliferation and the breakdown of weak states when the British government reveals its strategy for national security today. http://www.faiza.fr/core.php?air-max-noir/ - air max noir Ahead of the international commemoration, Polish leaders came together at dawn on Gdansk's Westerplatte peninsula for a ceremony marking the exact time the German battleship Schleswig-Holstein shelled a tiny Polish military outpost where the Polish navy's arsenal was housed in the war's opening salvo. Some Westerners said they are weighing whether Afghanistan has become too risky. They would not allow their names to be used for security reasons - and to avoid alarming their families back home.

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The relevant parties should refrain from doing things that might escalate tensions and harm the security interests of countries in the region, Qin said. http://www.agefinance.com - air max 90 pas cher In another attack yesterday, gunmen stormed three houses belonging to former members of a government-supported Sunni militia group, killing eight people and wounding five in Buhriz, about 30 kilometers from Khalis, according to police and hospital sources. http://www.18footer.org - coach outlet online store England has won the last three Ashes series and certainly isnt out of contention at the Gabba, although history is against Cooks team. http://www.emballages-guillaumont.fr/magasin-hollister/ - magasin hollister After that material is turned into metal fuel rods, it would then be shipped back to Iran to power its small research reactor in Tehran, according to the draft. In some cultures young girls take flamenco lessons as commonly as they do ballet lessons in the United States, according to Pozo, whose first dance lessons were flamenco, courtesy of his Spanish-born parents.

Gillard's key policies are a 30 percent tax on iron ore and coal mines, the introduction of carbon trading and the building of a US$33 billion-plus broadband network. http://www.boursereflex.com - abercrombie pas cher The two dead firefighters were from Los Angeles County Fire and had been working deep in the Angeles National Forest Sunday afternoon when their vehicle careened down a slope. http://www.nrsb.org - coach outlet While the ash has disrupted travel plans, including the state visit of US President Barak Obama to Britain, it has not created the kind of chaos caused by an Icelandic volcano last year when more than 10 million people were hit by a six-day European airspace shutdown. That cost airlines US$1.7 billion. http://www.intersecurite49.fr/tn-requins/ - tn requins The movie's box office performance has been widely watched given its cost. Sunday's initial estimates showed ticket sales at US$73 million in the US and Canada and US$159 million elsewhere for global ticket sales of US$232 million. http://www.faiza.fr/menu.php?nike-tn-pas-cher/ - nike tn pas cher At the stadium, England flags circled two tiers of grandstand and the English fans' singing of "God Save the Queen" made it sound more like London's Wembley Stadium.

ATR, which makes 40-70 seat twin-engined turboprops, is a joint venture between Airbus parent company EADS and Italian aerospace group Finmeccanica. http://www.ipacc.org.za - wholesale nfl jerseys Is this still CNN? the normally unflappable comic asked. "Do you know who I am? Can we get a resume in here for me, for Larry to go over?" http://www.nauticamania.it/bracciali-tiffany/ - bracciali tiffany It had the Conservatives on 40 percent, down two points, with Labour up one on 27 percent and the Liberal Democrats, Britain's third party, unchanged on 18 percent. http://www.faiza.fr/core.php?air-max-1-femme/ - air max 1 femme Once a vast, forested area on Jakarta's north coast, the Pantai Indah Kapuk district is now made up of luxury estates, golf courses and offices, a boom driven by its proximity to Indonesia's biggest international airport and trading harbour. Maehara announced his resignation yesterday amid growing calls for him to do so for illegally receiving a donation from a South Korean supporter.

753 jackdvtytjfsteyro   (19.11.2014 09:45)
Over the last eight to nine years there has been a dynamic change in the age of fighters. Most fighters now are between 14 and 18 years-old, said Lieutenant Colonel Guy Jones, commander of 2-508th Parachute Regiment, 82nd Airborne Division, based in Arghandab. http://www.agefinance.com - air max one pas cher Football is strange. When you play well and have a lot of chances, if you don't score something can change the game. Until the (red card) it was our best performance in the last three or four games. http://www.18footer.org - coach factory outlet I felt a little slower in the second set, Kvitova said. "I gave away a few easy points and she was waiting for that so I just told myself I had to be more aggressive in the third set and that was the difference." Kvitova, the 2011 Wimbledon champion, claimed her 11th career title and second of the year. Kerber, 25, had been trying to win her first of the year and third overall. http://www.emballages-guillaumont.fr/hollister-femme/ - hollister femme Apple plans to close its retail stores for several hours so employees can watch the service online, according to a source. Many of his works portrayed people in wartime, reflecting his own teenage years during World War II. He famously remarked, "I didn't so much experience the war. I am the war."

We're going to die. Some people are scared of dying. Never be afraid to die. Because you're born to die, he said. http://www.boursereflex.com - abercrombie and fitch pas cher Three wins in a year is definitely the best golf of my career. There are some big tournaments coming up and itll be nice to perform well in those. The year hasnt finished yet. http://www.nrsb.org - coach outlet store Maria Shriver, estranged wife of former California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, and U2 frontman Bono stopped to exchange words with others in the courtyard before heading inside. http://www.intersecurite49.fr/basket-nike-pas-cher/ - basket nike pas cher EGYPT has arrested three former ministers of interior, tourism and housing, as well as a tycoon from the ruling party, over corruption allegations, Egypt's official news agency MENA said yestersday. http://www.faiza.fr/menu.php?air-max-1-femme/ - air max 1 femme If you have a local racer in a high level, it attracts young people into the sport, says Tung. "Few people in Spain were interested in Formula 1 before Fernando Alonso joined. Very few people in Poland watched F1 racing before Robert Kubica became successful."

Safe rooms, where crews seek shelter, are typically stocked with food, water and communications equipment and have reinforced doors that can only be opened from the inside. http://www.ipacc.org.za - wholesale nfl jerseys The Soyuz capsule carrying Kelly, Alexander Kaleri and Oleg Skripochka landed at 1:53pm local time or 0753 GMT about 50 kilometers from the northern Kazakh city of Arkalyk. http://www.nauticamania.it/anello-tiffany/ - anello tiffany I think the fact that there's this pause is a wonderful thing because it's being given thoughtful consideration, he said, "to make sure this is done right and this is done in a way that honors his legacy." WIKILEAKS supporters struck back yesterday at perceived enemies of the site and its jailed founder Julian Assange, launching hack attacks against MasterCard, Swedish prosecutors, a Swedish defense lawyer and a Swiss group that froze Assange's bank account. http://www.faiza.fr/core.php?nike-air-max-90/ - nike air max 90 The Club World Cup will be a hard test for us, Conca, who is making his final appearance for Guangzhou before returning to Brazils Fluminense, told Chinese media. But Guess co-founder, Maurice Marciano, who broke the news in a conference call this week, said the change would mean more sales, not less.

752 jackbobjzmxrteyro   (19.11.2014 09:42)
Holbrooke's career with the foreign service dates back to his posting in South Vietnam in 1962 and included time as a member of the US delegation to the Paris Peace Talks on Vietnam. http://www.agefinance.com - air max pas cher Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Patricia Schnegg rescheduled the sentencing to Aug. 27 to give court officials time to arrange the community service that Brown, 20, must perform as part of a plea deal he made in June on an assault charge. http://www.18footer.org - coach outlet online store We feel like we didn't lose, we feel like it was taken from us. It's a shame in a game like that, which is so important, that the ref decided the result before the game started. http://www.emballages-guillaumont.fr/hollister-magasin/ - hollister magasin As I focus on the real objective -- and this is to decrease the amount of CO2 going into the atmosphere -- certainty of carbon pricing is extremely important, outgoing Chairman Don Argus said in a speech in Melbourne. Moscow judge Viktor Danilkin granted the prosecutors' sentencing request and ordered Khodorkovsky to serve 14 years in prison, including his current eight-year term and counting from the day of his arrest in October 2003.

The latest sanctions follow a new report from the United Nations nuclear watchdog that suggested Iran is working toward developing atomic weapons. Iran denies pursuing a nuclear weapons program, saying its nuclear activities are aimed at peaceful purposes like power generation. http://www.cottonbayhotel.biz/homefr.php - nike air max pas cher We've very concerned about the level of security we need around our people when we're doing distributions, said Graham Tardif, who heads disaster-relief efforts for the charity World Vision. The UN, the US government and other organizations echoed such fears. http://www.nrsb.org - coach factory outlet They were all smiles as they rubbed shoulders with US Vice President Joe Biden, White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel, Washington Mayor Adrian Fenty and CBS News anchor Katie Couric. http://www.intersecurite49.fr/chaussures-nike-tn/ - chaussures nike tn North Korean Buddhists number about 10,000, according to the Korea Institute for National Unification. http://www.faiza.fr/menu.php?air-max-2014/ - air max 2014 However, since the platform can only carry a few workers, the cable snapped, it said, adding that the company has ordered a review of the safety regulations of its subcontractors and construction management.

It's a significant undertaking. We're calling it the Olympic bid, said Adrian Kinderis, chief executive of AusRegistry International. http://www.ipacc.org.za - wholesale nfl jerseys Australian researchers plan to learn more about the ecosystem of the southern ocean, including how it is changing, by attaching tiny tracking devices to the legs of snow petrels, one of only a handful of birds that breed exclusively in Antarctica. http://www.nauticamania.it/tiffany-e-co/ - tiffany e co Governor Joselito Mendoza of Bulacan Province, north of Manila, said it was tragic that "people drowned in their own houses" as the storm raged. http://www.faiza.fr/core.php?air-max-1-pas-cher/ - air max 1 pas cher Unification Ministry Chun Hae-sung said South Korea would review the latest offer, noting North Korea has not sent an official request for talks. North Korea called this past week for unconditional and early talks with South Korea, but Seoul dismissed the offer and urged North Korea to show it has changed through actions, not words. The daily host of "Lou Dobbs Tonight" addressed his viewers after giving the day's headlines and told them Wednesday's show would be his final time in the anchor chair.


751 jackrgxpiiwrteyro   (19.11.2014 09:41)
May said that "one of the issues that may be looked at is the question of the appropriate transport is used by the Prince of Wales and Duchess of Cornwall." http://www.agefinance.com - air max pas cher The bomb blast late on Wednesday almost completely flattened the outer wall of a compound in the Arghandab district of Kandahar where male wedding guests had gathered for a meal. The windows and walls of the mud-brick dwellings were shattered and cracked. Women guests at the party were in another compound that was not hit by the explosion, witnesses said. http://www.18footer.org - coach outlet online store For once though the Dutchman's killer touch deserted him, and instead of opting for power he attempted to lift the rebound over the Milan keeper who was able to save. http://www.emballages-guillaumont.fr/hollister-kids/ - hollister kids Eye doctors often are the first to see patients with signs of Alzheimer's, which can start with vision changes, not just memory problems the disease is most known for, said Dr Ronald Petersen, a Mayo Clinic dementia expert with no role in the new studies. There seems to be more variety this year, he said. Collins attended with other Genesis members, but original lead singer Peter Gabriel did not attend.

The death toll from a landslide in Chuncheon, about 110 kilometers northeast of Seoul, stood at 13. Most of the victims were college students who visited the area for volunteer work. http://www.cottonbayhotel.biz/homefr.php - air max pas cher A ROADSIDE bomb targeting Shiite pilgrims killed two people and wounded eight others south of Baghdad yesterday, Iraqi officials said. http://www.nrsb.org - coach outlet store These images remind us of our fantastic Apollo history and beckon us to continue to move forward in exploration of our solar system, said Jim Green, director of the Planetary Science Division at NASA Headquarters in Washington. http://www.intersecurite49.fr/chaussures-nike-tn/ - chaussures nike tn The UN Security Council on Monday is planning to discuss the situation in Ivory Coast and the renewal of UNOCI's mandate, which expires on December 31. http://www.faiza.fr/menu.php?air-max-1/ - air max 1 Anger at the column swept social networking site Twitter soon after Moir's piece appeared on the paper's Website. Actor Stephen Fry urged his 860,000 Twitter followers to contact the Press Complaints Commission. Other prominent Tweeters followed suit, and provided links to the commission's Website.

Shahzad awkwardly parked a sports utility vehicle in Times Square with its engine running and hazard lights flashing on a balmy Saturday evening last month. "I ignited the fuses and I gave the time of 2.5 to 5 minutes and I left the car," Shahzad told the court. "I was waiting to hear a sound." http://www.ipacc.org.za - wholesale nfl jerseys Burns, who died aged only 37, is renowned not only for some of the most beautiful love poems in the English language, but also for folk songs, political satire, and his devotion to democracy and the common man. http://www.nauticamania.it/tiffany-bologna/ - tiffany bologna After failing to secure a majority in a vote in the lower house on Tuesday night, Berlusconi said he would quit as soon as parliament passed budget reforms to help Italy stave off a debt crisis that is threatening the entire euro zone. http://www.faiza.fr/core.php?air-max-1-femme/ - air max 1 femme Barbara Berlusconi also said public officials cannot afford to differentiate between their public and private spheres, the Italian edition of Vanity Fair reports in an interview to be published today. The Pentagon also needs to complete a review on how to implement the repeal, due by December 1.

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